Mel’s Advice: How to Pick Out a Sofa or a Chair

An illustration of different types and parts of a chair and a sofa.

  Bottoms up! Let’s pick a sofa or chair shall we? What prevents you from sinking down in a chair or a sofa? Not everyone agrees on what type of suspension that is the highest quality and will lasts the longest, so let me help you get to the “bottom” of this issue. There are […]

Design on a Dime Now Offering Virtual Consultations

Because we want to ensure your health as well as ours and follow the CDC’s recommendation during the global pandemic, Design on a Dime will now be offering virtual consultations using the video conferencing platform Zoom

The Finishing Touch: Accessories

siting room area with gold hanging lamps, wood storage table, and modern yellow chair

Keep It Simple, Keep It Clean The key to elegant design is keeping things simple and clean.  Focus on highlighting textures, patterns, color, size variation, vertical and horizontal details that really shine in a small space.  Design rule of thumb, which in my opinion is really a guideline, is odd numbers when clustering your items. […]

Your Dream Team

Design on a Dime is the premier interior design team in Houston, Texas. We are so proud to introduce you to our Dream Team! We are an all-female God-fearing team ready to take on your home transformation projects. Ready to meet us, okay let’s go! All photos on this post were done by Laken V […]